Saturday, 21 February 2015

Port Arthur, Tasmania

The historic site at Port Arthur turned out to be a really fun day for Tim, Dusty and Maxie - and after a full day there, Tim came back to me in the caravan (where I had been working) urging me to go back with him for the evening. It was well worth the extra trip - breathtaking scenery and very early history about convicts. Tim took so many photos, here is just a small selection.

Port Arthur was actually a beautiful place to stay and if it had mobile phone reception we might have stayed longer - great campground next to a beautiful beach - but we had to get moving as my mum and dad were scheduled to arrive In just a few hours ... So much more to see ... Time to keep moving :) 

Bruny Island, Tasmania

We caugt the ferry over to Bruny Island after my mum and dad flew out of Hobart. 

Now the holiday feel is finally here because Bruny Island is a true holiday destination. We camped for $5 per night in the island's  only hotel's grass paddock, directly across from the sea. Stunning views, and amazing to walk over the road to play in the sand (or do yoga - me), or have a swim in the warm sunshine.

Dusty and Maxie have been collecting sticks and logs to float on the shore - we have a collection of their timber 'boats' stored in the caravan.

We made friends in the grassy paddock - Cain, Verity, Jazelle & Jasmine - had a locally grown gourmet dinner at the Hotel with them plus a number of locally Brewers ciders, before watching the sunset on the beach. The boys had a ball playing with their girlfriends the next day, too. They also sold everything to live in a caravan for a while, and to move to a new house in QLD. Hopefully we'll see them all again one day on the Sunshine Coast - where they are building.

We took a drive to the lighthouse and national park. The boys are having fun tackling each other and racing around pretending to be planes. 

The next day we returned for a walk and swim at the beach and we went for a drive down the beach - our first beach run in the F-250.

The next day, the weather turned a bit overcast, but that didn't stop Tim from collecting our dinner off the rocks at the Bay - oysters. 

And then Tim fired up the bush kettle on the sand of a nearby bay (less oysters) so  the boys had a play, and I had fun with the camera (very picturesque place) before we sat together for a cup of billy tea.

Even on an overcast day, Bruny Island is a beautiful, beautiful place.

Hastings, Tasmania

We went to the Hastings Caves and Natural Springs Pool today. First time we have gone swimming in Tas, water was beautiful and warm. 

The caves were astounding. It was like a palace inside a mountain. A totally magical experience. I was so excited to post photos on the blog but now I can see that the photos definitely don't show how amazing the caves are. 

It was an enormous space with paths and cavities and tunnels, amazing sculptures stemming from the ground and hanging  from the ceiling. The tour guide was fabulous, sharing history and stories of archeological finds in this (and nearby) caves.

The fun part was sporting animals in the shapes of the solidified calcium deposits. Penguin, crocodile, meerkats ... The guide took an interest in Dusty and so Dusty had a great learning experience.

It was 9 degrees, cool and fresh. We weren't prepared in our casual clothes (hot and sunny outside) so Maxie held on to us for warmth!